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12 activities to integrate pronunciation

Pronunciation is the ugly sister of language teaching, coming way behind vocabulary and grammar. It deserves a higher profile. Here are 12 short, easy activities to try in class.

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Coaching in Business English: an interview with Jackie Arnold

I talk to Jackie Arnold, business coach and BE teacher. Topics include: what is coaching? / coaching techniques / coaching in Business English (3 examples). The interview lasts 23 minutes.

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Using mind maps in Business English

Mind Maps are a great tool to improve fluency. They prepare and scaffold both ideas and language. You'll find plenty of recipe-style activities in this article.
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Thanks everyone! Slideshare tell me that my content was among the top 2% of most viewed in 2013. I received 19,742 views last year. It would take seven Titanics to hold that many people!

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I run a two-week teacher training course every July and October at The English Language Centre; Brighton.
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