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12 activities to integrate pronunciation

Pronunciation is the ugly sister of language teaching, coming way behind vocabulary and grammar. It deserves a higher profile. Here are 12 short, easy activities to try in class.

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Coaching in Business English: an interview with Jackie Arnold

I talk to Jackie Arnold, business coach and BE teacher. Topics include: what is coaching? / coaching techniques / coaching in Business English (3 examples). The interview lasts 23 minutes.

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BEhereBEthere: an Adventure in eLearning

BEhereBEthere is my new eLearning site for Business English. I'm on an adventure into the world of eLearning and eTeaching. This is 'my story', but the article is also fun and controversial and about eLearning in general.
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I’ll be at IATEFL Manchester April 11th to 13th. This year I’m taking part in the Interactive Language Fair, which happens just after lunch on the Monday. Please come up and say ‘hi’, either at the fair or if you just pass me in the corridor.

Teacher Training

I run a two-week teacher training course every July and October at The English Language Centre; Brighton.
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