Monthly Archives: April 2011

Twitter discussions

Every Wednesday there is an ELT-related discussion on Twitter. A summary is then posted on the web for everyone to read – not just Twitter members. More info in this post.

(Sales & Marketing) Price structure

In the BE classroom, price is the least discussed ‘P’ of the marketing Ps. Here is a worked example of the price of a bottle of perfume. This could serve as an example for students to discuss the price structure of their own products.

Grammar auction

This is a grammar revision activity that is very well-known from General English. It’s fun and fast-paced, and would be very good for pre-experience classes. I suggest an adaptation of the ‘classic’ version with a second round of bidding.

Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Everyone has a favourite discussion topic – themselves. We often get students to talk about their jobs, but less often about their personal characteristics. This post gives everything you need for a personality profile and discussion.

Market Forecast – 14 Apr 2011

Stocks. Previous forecast looking good. Expecting a secondary peak in May/June, then down into mid 2012 as before. Bonds. Previous forecast looking good. I believe that US bonds will follow the same path as Greek bonds later this year. Gold. Previous forecast looking good. Gold to start a multi-month decline in the next month or… Read more »