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Market Forecast – 17 Jul 2011

Stocks. Peak was Friday 29th April rather than May/June as I forecast last quarter. The day before the peak I sent out a tweet that said: A fun prediction. My call is that US stock market topped yesterday. Won’t see this level again for more than ten years. See it here on 28th April:!/PaulEmmersonCom… Read more »

English to L1 to English (using business quotes)

Here is a variation on an old classic for higher level students. Take a short quote by a famous business person, translate it into L1, then have another student take the L1 version and translate it back into English. Compare the original English quote with the second version.

7 Tips for Writing Emails

Here is a piece taken from the site of an American copywriter (Robbie Hyman) that gives 7 tips for writing emails. This would be a good reference document for working with students on email style and content.