7 Tips for Writing Emails

Tip: This is a link to a report on writing emails (pdf format) that appears on the site of an American copywriter called Robbie Hyman. He gives permission to share the report.



The 7 tips in this report are not new, but it’s interesting to have them all in one place with supporting arguments. Students would find it useful to read this document before working on their own emails, and it could be used as a checklist to review the style and content of emails they have already written.

In summary, the 7 tips are:

1. Keep your message to a single screen

2. Stick to a single theme

3. Write a descriptive subject line

4. Keep your paragraphs to a few lines

5. Include a clear request for action or next step

6. Be explicit about deadlines for action

7. Include some warmth to make a connection

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thanks for this am about to write an essay for delta on writing e mails and this is a great help- any more tips greatly greatly appreciated!

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