Using mind maps in Business English

Mind Maps are a great tool to improve fluency. They prepare and scaffold both ideas and language. You’ll find plenty of recipe-style activities in this article.



Mind map is an awesome idea, I will apply it in my class too. thanks for sharing.


Thanks Paul,

Your ideas here are a great help.
As a new, inexperienced teacher in 2000 I found mind maps of personal help, particularly in 1:1 lessons, to help me explore various business issues with my students and know where to take conversations. I have since tried to encourage students to create and use them as visual aids, but without developing them as classroom activities in the way that you suggest.
I fact, I have created 61 of these mind maps, with associated activities and role-plays, currently working on n°62 (petrochemical industry), initially, as before, for my own use, but then students started asking for copies after we’d discussed the topics. They may just have time to do a sketchy one themselves in class, but they like a nice handed out copy too and at home, family life comes first.
Thanks again,

Martina Pokupec

Is there any chance to download this article in pdf, anything besides slideshare?
Thank you!

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