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Market Forecast – 17 Jul 2011

Stocks. Peak was Friday 29th April rather than May/June as I forecast last quarter. The day before the peak I sent out a tweet that said: A fun prediction. My call is that US stock market topped yesterday. Won’t see this level again for more than ten years. See it here on 28th April:!/PaulEmmersonCom… Read more »

Market Forecast – 14 Apr 2011

Stocks. Previous forecast looking good. Expecting a secondary peak in May/June, then down into mid 2012 as before. Bonds. Previous forecast looking good. I believe that US bonds will follow the same path as Greek bonds later this year. Gold. Previous forecast looking good. Gold to start a multi-month decline in the next month or… Read more »

Market Forecast – 1 Nov 2010 (launch date of this site)

Stocks. Stocks ($SPX as proxy) to have choppy sideways action into Feb of next year, then way down into May/June 2012, with a retest of those lows sometime in 2014. We are half way through a 20-year Kondratieff Cycle winter phase that began with the crash of the dotcom bubble in 2000, so lots of… Read more »