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GROW model questions

Typical questions for each stage of the GROW model (see Jackie’s video interview below). For 1:1 teachers who see themselves as trainer/coaches.

Twitter discussions

Every Wednesday there is an ELT-related discussion on Twitter. A summary is then posted on the web for everyone to read – not just Twitter members. More info in this post.

Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Everyone has a favourite discussion topic – themselves. We often get students to talk about their jobs, but less often about their personal characteristics. This post gives everything you need for a personality profile and discussion.

Live listening

Look for opportunities to bring ‘live’ speakers into class to act as listening material for your students. And don’t forget: the best source of live listening is you. Post includes links at end with more activities.

Business Truisms

Truisms: bland, obvious and slightly silly statements about human behaviour. Yes. But that makes them a great starting point for students’ personal stories.