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#ELTchat on Twitter

Every Wednesday on Twitter there is a great chat session under #eltchat. The debate is high quality. And every week someone volunteers to post a summary of the discussion on this (non Twitter) website. Not specifically BE, but recommended.

EL Gazette

The EL Gazette is an online newspaper for the international ELT community. Ever wanted to get a sense of the wider ELT world beyond your classroom and staffroom? Start here. Registration required, but it’s free.

IH Journal

Articles by teachers working for International House (my own teaching ‘home’ for 16 years). “The digital IH Journal is published twice a year, and aims to include some of the best and most stimulating thinking in ELT teaching.”

Learning to speak ‘merican

Vicki Hollett’s blog: sociolinguistics, but not the academic variety. Here you’ll find really interesting posts on culture, directness, pragmatics, etc – all vaguely under the umbrella of British/American differences. Great stuff written by a wonderful person.

English for the workplace

Evan Frendo’s blog: “Sharing thoughts with teachers and trainers of business English and ESP”. Evan is a constant source of solid good sense. I strongly recommend his book ‘How To Teach Business English‘.

An A-Z of ELT

Scott Thornbury’s blog: “a dictionary-encyclopedia of English language teaching”. Scott is one of the most-admired figures in ELT. His great gift is the ability to bridge the divide between Applied Linguistics and the classroom.