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Simple HR Guide

All aspects of Human Resources are covered on this site, although the articles are sometimes not so easy to find. Try rolling your cursor over the main tabs at the top of the homepage and you’ll find interesting stuff.


A resource for American investors. There are topical stories on the home page, and the Tutorials section gives high-level explanations of financial/investing issues. The Dictionary and Articles sections are also worth looking at.

FT Lexicon

Browse thousands of words and phrases selected by Financial Times editors. There’s also a nice section at the bottom of the homepage with Basics of business, Business Glossary and Buzz Words.

“A knowledge source for marketing since 1998”. Marketing Blog, Marketing Tutorials, Marketing Stories, Marketing Terms … and more. Another great resource.

Marketing Teacher

“This site uses plain language to describe the key marketing topics and has an international appeal to marketing learners, teachers and professionals.” It’s free. It’s high quality. Many lessons available as PP slides as well. Amazing!


Short articles that simplify (a lot) the topics on a typical MBA course.


Vast resource with articles covering all aspects of management and business. You can get lost here for hours.