Coaching vs Mentoring vs Counselling


Jackie’s video interview on coaching (on this site) has attracted a lot of interest, and in Management Lessons I have a couple of worksheets on coaching. It’s definitely a ‘hot’ area at the moment in management. Here is a very simple diagram that I use as boardwork in class: it can serve as a warmer to a ML worksheet, or kick off a discussion with no further use of materials. I got the idea below from Jackie.


Mentoring ———————————– Coaching ———————————– Counselling

career development                   discover potential                            solve emotional problems

focus on longer term                  focus on shorter term                       focus on past

often done internally                  often uses external person              not done in business

advice/guidance                         no advice (non-judgemental)           advice/support


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Thanks, Paul. A nice succinct distinction between these three hot topics! I believe coaching is now being further classified into things like “transformational”, “financial”, “life”, ” personal” and “developmental”. An interesting field, indeed.

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