‘One to One: A Teacher’s Handbook’ by Peter Wilberg

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If you are a 1:1 teacher you need to get hold of a copy of ‘One to One: A Teacher’s Handbook’ by Peter Wilberg. I say ‘get hold of’ because it was originally published by LTP and I thought they had been bought out and no longer existed. It’s showing on UK Amazon as being still available, so that’s a bit of a mystery. Any explanation?

Anyway, back to the book. My copy, bought many years ago, is covered all through with faded yellow highlighter and pencilled notes in the margin. I have it in front of me now. The first part is a little theoretical and uses jargon that has now gone out of date (influenced by ‘Community Language Learning’ I think), but it soon gets very practical.

I am happy to acknowledge that this book has had a major impact on my ideas about ROLO, and on my teaching in general (both group and 1:1).

Note: Amazon lists other books by Peter Wilberg, which suggest that he is now a New Age guru. Is it the same person? If so, does he run hippy-style weekend retreats in rural Devon where people sit in a circle and reformulate each other? One can only guess. Or sign up.

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Anne Sinclair

I have this book! I notice that the publication date is 1987! You’ve convinced me that I’ll have to reread it.

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