Resumes: help with conventional resumes, and new ‘visual resumes’

Tip: The Slideshare site has some great Powerpoint slideshows on how to write Resumes/CVs. There are also some examples of the new genre of ‘visual resumes’.


Yes, the boring old world of Resumes (CVs) is being hit by social media. There is a fantastic site called Slideshare where you can find many examples of PP slideshows about writing Resumes. Basically, this is text you would have previously found in a book or website, but with visual enhancement for added interest. Show these to your students:

(the second to last letter in ‘fresheres’ is a mistake, but it was uploaded with this mistake)

And to be even more trendy, the latest thing is to make a ‘visual resume’ in Powerpoint – or even a ‘video resume’. Here are three good visual resumes:

And here is some general info about online resumes, including an example of a video resume (scroll just a short way down). After a few words of introduction, the speaker – Graeme Anthony – gives further sections of his resume as links for the viewer to click.