Steve Jobs: three pieces of wonderful online material

Tip: Here are three wonderful pieces of online material related to Steve Jobs. The first is an infographic with 15 personal facts about him, and this was done before his death. The second is another infographic, this time with 10 aspects of his management style. The third is a downloadable pdf with 10 presentation techniques he used ‘to inform, educate and entertain’.

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Jobs (infographic – click to enlarge)

10 Commandments of Steve (infographic)

The Presentation Genius of Steve Jobs (ten-page pdf)


These three pieces of material could be used together over a long lesson, or separately.

The first is an infographic that is best viewed on a computer or IWB (it will print out but the page breaks are not helpful).¬†It was done before his death.¬†Sample ‘things you didn’t know’: he was dyslexic, he loved calligraphy, he was a vegan (actually not true – he ate fish). In class it naturally leads to a discussion of other things the students know about him. For example, I myself hadn’t realized until after his death how rooted he was in the sixties hippy counter-culture.

The second is a much more businessy piece of material, with 10 management commandments. Again it’s an infographic, but this one prints out nicely onto one sheet of paper. Sample commandments: ‘Go for perfect’, ‘Shun focus groups’, ‘Simplify’, ‘Keep teams small’. Each commandment has a paragraph of commentary. This would be a great starting point for a session on management styles.

The third piece of material is a ten-page pdf produced by Citrix Online and written by a BusinessWeek columnist. It has 10 presentation techniques that Steve Jobs used, each with a couple of paragraphs of commentary. This would be great homework reading to prepare for work on presentations.