The physical presence of the teacher while monitoring

Tip: Don’t be tempted to keep sitting at the front while your students do a communicative activity in pairs or small groups. Move amongst them. Your physical presence right next to them as you listen and monitor will actually improve their accuracy.


I noticed this while doing yoga. In a room full of a dozen people I would be holding a pose, doing the best I could while listening to the teacher giving instructions from the front. Then as the teacher started moving amongst us I found another little bit of concentration and alignment and detail to posture that was not there before. Finally as the teacher came right up to me and was clearly looking at me individually I found yet another level of accuracy in the pose. Being ‘on show’ personally to a teacher standing up close made a big difference. I have since noticed the same effect on students’ language. Besides this effect on accuracy, your physical presence amongst the students helps to keep them generally ‘on task’, and of course as you go round you will write down language feedback notes from a wider range of students.