Coaching in Business English: an interview with Jackie Arnold

I talk to Jackie Arnold, business coach and BE teacher. Topics: what is coaching? / coaching techniques / coaching in Business English (3 examples). The interview lasts 23 minutes.


Kirsten Anker

Thank-you very much for this very interesting and informative interview. You’ve inspired me to take a different approach – a coaching approach – with an advanced English class, in which we are currently just going through the motions!

Phil Newman

Thank you for this, it mirrors and √©lucid√Ętes what I try to do and I concur 95%. With no disrepect to you guys who I know are very experienced teachers, coaches and managers/directors, I question an underlying assumption (my, perhaps mistaken, perception). When I hear that teachers should ‘let’ the students arrive at ideas themselves and not ‘put the ideas into their heads’, it suggests, to me, that teachers are ‘in the know’ – as wise management gurus’. Again, with no disrespect, and maybe this is true in your cases, but in general we (the teachers) are not. Not in comparison with some of the company directors (et al) that we teach, anyway. This is why I personally prefer the more anthropological questioning fomat, that Jackie also goes on to explain. Let’s not forget that we are also students -learning from our students.

Michelle Hunter

Clear, concise, easy-to-follow demonstrations of coaching fundamentals being applied in BE teaching. Thanks Jackie. Loved the use of rods to help the coachee. I shall definitely be investing in a set now!



Thank you Paul and of course Jackie for sharing with us so important ideas about coaching. Although I have been teaching English to Business students I haven’t had the opportunity to learn so much is such a short time!
Gratefully, Anisoara

Jonathan Holmes

As ever, Paul… very informative. Thank you both for the benefit of your experience and insight.


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