Management Lessons promotional video

Zero-budget, home-made video for Management Lessons. It was lots of fun to make. I hope it brings a smile.


Mary Ellen Hentschel

Hello Paul
If you have recently seen an increase in your royalities from the Library, I am the one responsible! Have been lending your Email English book on an almost weekly basis from my local Library to use with my students. It’s really helpful and useful and am now so very glad to have discovered your website! What a great video! Keep up the good work!

Olaf Steffens

Dear Paul,

got me! I have just orderer your management lessons book – thought I needed some inspiration for my lessons as an English teacher.
Thanks for your nice blog!!



Great video Paul! And I am very interested in the book, the PDF´s files. I´m from Argentina, so I think I qualify for some discount! Besides, shipping is very expensive for us.
Just started following you on LinkedIn. Great website also! What about the site for students? I couldn´t find much there. I liked your activities on Authentic material. (It reassures me that what I sometimes do whith a newspaper articles is on the right path)
Thanks a lot


Hello Paul,

Loved your video and the natural style, the young budding actress was a very nice touch. My wife enjoyed the ironing mountain located in the background. She was reassured to know that we are not the only ones living with one of these in the house. I am going to have another look at your video and hopefully I will soon have a customer at this level and I will have a good reason to purchase your book. Lots of luck with the self-publishing project. I have a newsletter, so I will make a reference to this in my next update.


PS. I just signed up for your newsletter today (via a recent post of your on LinkedIn BeSIG)


Thanks, Karl. Yes, generally in this video the ironing attracts more attention than the book or my daughter. Paul.


Paul great video. I don’t know too much but been designing my own sites. Friends and mfaily keep saying that I should try to start something with making sites for local businesses. I haven’t tried because I kept feeling like I don’t know too much, just more than my friends and mfaily. I think this video just may have given me the confidence to give it a shot. Thanks.

Arthur McKeown

Great stuff! I am looking forward to exploring how this can be used in teaching at the University of Ulster. I’d like to use it with native speaker managers that I teach – private/public/not for profit, small/medium/large, family/long established/dot com.
Arthur McKeown
Lecturer in Management Development
University of Ulster


Great to hear that, Arthur. I’m sure the material will work well with native speaker managers.

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